add 'Year' as option for recurring custom due dates

When creating a task with a custom recurring due date, there are options for Week and Month but not Year. Please add year.

Our organization has this option. I’m wondering if the number of options are dependent on your plan? We have a business plan subscription.

Thank you for the reply, @tahaack. If you choose Custom, do you have an option for Yearly? We do have the option for Repeats > Yearly, but not Repeats > Custom > missing yearly

I completely missed the “custom” part of that inquiry! Not enough caffeine yet today :laughing: No, I am only showing week and month under custom as well. That’s so odd that Asana did not include year under the custom options. Upvoting this for you because it should be there in my opinion. Have a great day!

I work in commercial real estate. My team has a lot of tasks and projects that come up on a multi-year interval; for example I need to perform a building tune-up every five years for each property, or LEED certifications have tasks that occur both annually and once every three years, etc. These are regularly occurring tasks, but the longest recurrence interval available is one year. Please help us keep these longer-cycle tasks on track with an “every ___ years” option.

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In the mean time, my personal advice: 3 or 5 years is so far away, we don’t even know what Asana will look like or if your process will be the same. Create a list of things to do each year (create project A-B-C) and take a few minutes to do it when January is around the corner :slight_smile:

Yes, thank you, that is what we have now. Our challenge is that the certifying agencies don’t necessarily make it clear what needs to happen when, so we need to have an internal process that makes it obvious. With employee turnover and training, we were hoping to be able to use Asana as our point-of-truth and eliminate the need to refer to four different platforms to determine next steps in a project. Currently we have a workaround involving in-task instructions saying to duplicate the task and update the due date to xx/xx/xxxx but it’s clunkier than I would like and with everything else set up to recur automatically I am concerned that these longer cycle instructions will be missed.


I always thought recurring tasks were dangerous: if you don’t complete one, you don’t get the next one to be created… :confused: Note that I created this tool to go around the problem.

When creating a task, it would be nice to have a option to recur/repeat every three years. I have to manually change the date right now to every time it becomes due instead of marking the task complete. Right now there is never, daily, periodically, weekly, monthly, yearly. It would be awesome if this option was available.

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I like this idea. When you speak about strategic planning, more than one year to create a new one might be a good option.

I just change the date on it for another three yrs instead of marking it completed when I have it done. I just wish we could Mark it completed and it would recur.


Al McCune

We rely heavily on repeating tasks. Many of our tasks recur every 2, 3, or even 5 years. We could really use this feature.