Add Team & Users Analysis Features

Hello! I would like to propose the implementation of features designed for user and team analysis.

Currently, when we consider filters for “teams” in dashboards and similar tools, we are mainly focusing on tasks within projects that belong to certain teams. However, we are never referring to users who are members of specific teams. For larger companies, having a comprehensive team history is crucial. For instance, let’s consider a scenario from two months ago: What was the composition of my team? Who transitioned from one team to another? This type of data is directly tied to performance metrics and associated costs. By enabling team analysis, we could project our revenue versus costs over the months, as well as the required work hours versus team capacity. This feature could be incorporated as a historical record within the “Overview” section of a team, and also be included in dashboards under a new “People” analysis category.


Last but not least, there should be a way to remove a user from the organization while retaining the tasks assigned to them. Currently, this poses a problem for us. We sometimes need to remove users due to billing issues, but we also require the ability to retain their assignments for the purpose of analyzing past data.

Thanks for your attention!

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