Access to Add/Edit Rules for limited access users

According to the documentation any user of Asana that is the Owner of a Project should be able to add/edit/remove a rule. However, we are noticing that only Members who are Project Owners seem to be able to do this, which severely limits the utility of classifying users as Limited Access Members.

Browser version:
OSX10.15.6 (19G2021)
Chrome 85.0.4183.121 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Firefox 80.0.1 (64-bit)
Safari 13.1.2 (15609.

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So you are saying a guest can’t edit rules, even if made Project Owner? I am pretty sure this is not a bug but intended, you don’t pay for guests after all :man_shrugging:

No not a Guest, but a Limited Access Member that is the Project Owner is not able to add/edit/delete Rules. It seems only full Members are able to manage a Project’s Rules which is contrary to the documentation made available that indicates a user just has to be the Project Owner to be able to manage a Project’s Rules.

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Hi @John_Turner,

You’re completely right, if the project owner is a limited access, they can pause or activate a rule, but they cannot edit it. This is an expected behaviour, but I agree it should be clarified in the “Permissions: A few considerations” of our guide article. I’ve gone ahead and filed a task for our team looking after the guide to fix this!

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Thank you for helping to clarify this issue. On the whole I have found that the documentation for what users of various types/roles are able and not able to do, very difficult to navigate and interpret. It would be tremendously helpful if the documentation folks at Asana could create a grid view comprising how the following user types/roles were able to access or be restricted from various functions: Members, Limited Access Members, and Guests. Further if each top level user type could be further broken down by the following roles: Team Members, Project Owners and Project Members Right now the distinctions between these user types/roles is not made clear for either Asana administrators or users. Thanks for your consideration and your assistance. We feel Asana is a great product only made better by it being committed to listening to its user base and clearly communicating what it can do, would like to do, and won’t do. We really appreciate this level of transparency from a software as a service firm. Kudos!


It would be great to have a such thing it is often a topic of discussion in our team too.

Hi @John_Turner

One of our community members @Bastien_Siebman put together this post. It might help clarify some more.

Who sees whom, a guide to guest visibility with Batman & Robin



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