Ability to zoom in on attached images

I’m at a loss here, Asana. How is this not already in your product? Being able to view your attachments for feedback AT THEIR ACTUAL SIZE is a fundamental and ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY requirement.

3 and a half YEARS this has been requested. Is this your modus operandi for requests? “Sorry, but Asana doesn’t have that.” and then just ignore subsequent feedback and not improve your product? Unbelievable.

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Hello @Christopher_Yancey and welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

I‘d like to refer to Emily‘s post here in reference to how feedback requests are being handled :smiley:

It would be so helpful to be able to zoom in/out on both images and PDFs.

Is there any update on this yet? This is a critical feature for our process.

I agree that it is next to impossible to review design work within the app and that this should be a priority to fix. Thanks!

Is there a timeline for adding this feature to be able to zoom in on attached images? It’s a critical feature that has clearly been requested for years now.