Ability to see Custom Fields from Portfolios added to other Portfolios in the Status Update

The new “Add Work” option in the Portfolio view is a fantastic update and my team began using this immediately. However, we are having some issues with updating the status of a portfolio.

In my experience I have found that the custom fields are available to use in a status update depending on the custom fields that have been populated in the portfolio which the project is located. Now that we are able to add portfolios inside of a portfolio, I assumed this would have worked similarly. However, when we go to update the status of a portfolio that lies within another portfolio, we do not have the option to add any additional fields.

Below is a screenshot showing that there is no option to add additional fields to the status update. This portfolio is located in another portfolio that has a long list of custom fields populated into it.

Below is a screenshot of a project status update that is located inside of a portfolio (with a long list of custom fields), for comparison. You can see that I have the option to add many additional fields to the status update, which is not an option for the portfolio as seen above.

Is there any way to allow for additional custom fields to be added to the status update for both a project and a portfolio, regardless if it is located in a portfolio or not?

Thank you!

Hi @Cassidy_Clark, thanks for sharing your feedback with us! Just to make sure I understand your request, you have Portfolio A added to Portfolio B and you would like to add custom fields from the Portfolio A to the Status Update you will share in Portfolio B, is this right? :slight_smile:

We do have Portfolio A inside Portfolio B. The issue lies with Portfolio A where we are unable to add additional custom fields to the status update of Portfolio A, even though there is a long list of custom fields associated with both portfolios.

If I am able to customize the field section of a status update, both for a project and a portfolio, this would be very helpful since we are limited on the custom fields we can add to the update. Hopefully this helps you understand the request a bit better!

Thank you!


That’s perfect! Thanks @Cassidy_Clark! I’ll pass this feedback to the team so we can consider it in future updates!

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