Ability to Navigate between proofed comments

Once images have had lots of comments added to them via the proofing tool, the person then taking in the comments finds it very cumbersome to go through the comments one by one. There are two ways I can see to do it currently:

One is to click on individual yellow dots on the image itself, take in the comment, then click out of the comment and find the next one on the image. This takes more time than you might think when you’ve got a stack of comments to get through on multiple images. You also can easily miss a yellow dot if its on part of an image that makes it hard to see.

The other way is to click on each as they appear as a list of subtasks, take in the comment, then click on the parent task name at the top of the subtask window to go back and repeat. Again this is overly cumbersome when taking in many comments and you lose track of which one you have just clicked on.

Ideally, you could switch between subtasks / proofed comments with something like a “next” and “previous” button - which would create a smooth workflow of taking in a comment - either marking it complete or questioning it, then click “next” and straight onto the next comment. This would smooth the proofing process out some and make it a lot easier to use.

Hope that makes sense!


I’ve had more (unprompted) feedback from people in my team say the same thing. They keep asking me the best way to go through all the comments that are assigned to them.

We have many different projects on the go with lots of images and lots of proofed comments. There is no easy straightforward way that I can see to go through lots of proofed comments.

Am I missing something simple here?


Yes! I am working through a 50-page PDF document and I have no idea how to quickly scroll through a stack of comments. The feature works ok with 1- or 2-page documents, but not for this. Please add prev/next buttons to the Feedback/Task document view! Another thing I can’t figure out is how to select a task number and then jump right to its comment in the document. Am I missing something here?


We are having the same issue with reviewing feedback with designers on multiple page PDFs. It would be nice to have an easy way to flick through the comments and it jump to that page.
Maybe on the side of the panel of the review screen?

Definitely agree!

I have the same request! The file itself is connected in the comment-task but won´t jump to that specific comment in the big pdf file! This would be a biiiiig improvement! :pray: