Ability to copy sections including all tasks in that section

Our tech Team often rollout the same setup to a customer with multiple sites. The tasks are mostly the same for each so it would be amazing if you could just copy a whole section with all its tasks, subtasks and settings, and have a section for each location. It’s been suggested to have a project for each site, but there can be multiple projects going on at different sites and it would quickly get messy and confusing.

e.g. WVD rollout Project
Cork - task 1, task 2, task 3
Dublin - task 1, task 2, task 3
Limerick - task 1, task 2, task 3.

At the moment I have to create a new section, duplicate each task in the old section, drop it and rename it in the new section. For each site! It’s painful!


Hi @Emma_Devon, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

Thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback. We do have an existing thread for this feature request in the #productfeedback category so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the existing one to consolidate feedback :slight_smile:

I’ll keep you posted in the main thread if there are any updates! :slight_smile:

THIS IS SOOOOOO NEEDED! I’m dying making multiple duplicates of tasks to replicate a section. Can’t understand why this is STILL not an option in 2021 - Four years since this comment was first made. :frowning:


Thank you! :slight_smile: Hope that this is actioned soon. Our team is loving our use of Asana, and look forward to continued improvement in product functionality.

I feel like everyone in here has said everything but i know that adding my 2 cents will help bump this up and get it actioned on sooner.

We need to be able to duplicate sections in a substantially easier way than now. We also need to be able to add sections and everything in them as a template in the library.

If anyone in any project would like to plan and execute a standard process, they go to library and pick, for example, “Marketing Comms 1” and it would build up in your project, 1 email, 1 social, 1 newsletter, 1 web update with all the due dates, assignees, dependencies, relative due dates and more.

Similar to what you can do with Task templates and project templates


Hi, we’re on the last week of our Asana trial. We’re feeling everyone’s pain here. The ability to copy entire sections, along with descriptions, is crucial for our way of working. The lack of a single-click to duplicate a section is our key hesitation in signing up beyond the trial.

Workarounds really aren’t ideal and are a great pity considering Asana has considered almost everything else; also considering that competitor apps enable sections to be duplicated.

Seems like this has been a complaint/request for over 4 years and still no result. How long before this will be a standard feature?

There’s no telling. They don’t share public roadmaps unlike some other tools out there and they rarely indicate what they’re actively focusing on.

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This is desperatly needed. The ability to creatie sections with tasks that you can copy (including the due date is very handy). Our project are all roughly the same but for a total view we use 1 project in Asana and work with sections to identify each individuel project.

Hopefully Asana will add this function very quickly


Currently I know I can duplicate multiple tasks and add them to a new section but the assignees don’t transfer. Is there a way to do it so the assignees transfer too without making a new project?



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I recommend upvoting here: Ability to copy sections including all tasks in that section

To achieve this you can duplicate the project and then go to list view and highlight all tasks in the other sections to remove them in one go.

Here also a workaround: Ability to copy sections including all tasks in that section - #52 by lpb

Hope that helps!

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Hey all! Is there any way, that I’m unaware of, to have templates of Task Groups.

Example: when a project is created, we have a template with 10 sections, with each section having tasks already populated within it. It would be great if we could easily import/recall a set group of template tasks.

Here’s an example of a section with a group of tasks for us:

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@Nick_Rivero, Had you considered using Task Templates? After creating the task from the task template, select all the subtasks at once and drag them into the tasks list under the section you want, then delete the now-empty parent task.


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Thank you @lpb I wasn’t aware that was a possibility. I’ll give it a try, thank you!

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@lpb So upon further research, I believe what I am trying to do is “sections of task templates”. A task template is just a single task, which can have sub tasks, but what I’m wanting is to template entire groups of tasks. That way, I can create a full group/series of tasks. Is there a way to do that? Thanks!

@Nick_Rivero, If what you’re asking is to replicate a section (the section header itself), there isn’t a way to do that currently; only the contents thereof.


Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, @Nick_Rivero! We already have a thread on this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the main thread to consolidate feedback. We will post an update when we have any news! :slight_smile:

Ability to copy/ duplicate sections with all the tasks/ subtasks in it is a critical need in Asana! Please implement! Copying the project is NOT a suitable workaround. There are tons of cases where you need just the section to be copied/ duplicated within a project, and no one wants tons of small projects. Copying a task with subtasks also doesn’t do it - really need to be able to copy the SECTION.

Create the capability to duplicate or copy complete sections including anything insie it.


You can use the search on the forum and you’ll find other threads on the topic.

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