Ability to copy sections including all tasks in that section

Very creative use of task templates @anon71559768, thanks for sharing!

Adding a +1 to this requested enhancement.

Nice idea, @anon71559768, and I think you can multi-select all subtasks and drag them in one fell swoop to save more time.


Any updates on this? Being able to copy a section from one project to another is my TOP request for Asana right now. It would save me days of work.

Hi @Natalia,

When does Asana plan to bring the function of being able to copy sections of a project while also copying the description, comments, or attachments?

It’s been 5 years since the initial post in this chain and still looks like it has not been resolved.


A section template feature would actually change a large portion of our team’s workflow.

Currently, I have a project that is filled with different “section templates” that I copy and paste into projects as needed as a workaround, but you still can’t copy attachments, comments, etc.

Upvoting this one for sure!


How do I copy or duplicate an entire column (with all the tasks i created)? Basically, all the columns are months, and only the column name will change and the due dates obviously, but i wish to keep all the same tasks. I want to avoid having to copy tasks one by one into the 12 columns i will be creating…

One trick would be to add those months to another project called “2017” (then they belong to two projects) and then duplicate the project into “2018” and add the 2018 tasks to the original project. Does it make sense?

Hi @Pascale_Ouimet! To add to what @Bastien_Siebman already said, you could also create a template (How to Use Asana Project Templates | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide) and create a copy from your template every year. Ths way you would only need to add due dates. If you’re not Premium, templates won’t be available to you but you could create a “Template” project and create a copy (Setting Up a Project in Asana | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide) of this “Template project” every year. Let us know if you have any questions! :slight_smile:

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Yes that makes perfect sense. I guess it’s not as ideal as simply duplicating a column per say but it’s easier then copying each task for every column.
Thank you!


I also would love this feature. I think it’s crazy that it’s not possible. Seems such a simple feature to me! Asana is amazing in so many respects but then to have certain extremely simple features like this missing is just madness!


I would also really love this feature. I am a video series producer, and I want to create identical columns for each episode that have the same tasks (just different due dates). It would really be helpful to have all the columns in the same project so that I can see a whole season in one view.


is there any possibility to duplicate a column?
We have one board for all the projects of the corporation, every project has the same list of tasks, so, every new project we have to write all the tasks again every time.


I use the non premium version and I was wondering if there was a way to copy a entire column. I know I can copy a task and drag it over to the column but when setting up each group under my project I would like to copy the master column and task instead of doing it task by task. Thanks!

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I thought there might be a way to do this with Advanced Search and the new “Search by Column” feature and then multi-selecting all tasks in the results. It turns out if you select more than one task, you don’t get the “Copy” choice.

It would seem one-by-one is the only way unless someone else can think of a different way.

You coud multi-home the tasks of the column in a common project. Then duplicate the project. And move the tasks to a new column… :sweat_smile:

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HI guys! We already have a thread on this topic in the #productfeedback category, so I have gone ahead and merged this thread with it; feel free to hit the “vote” button on this main thread to add your vote to this feature request!


Yes, this is proving to be a pain. Seems like it should be there. I have 15 columns that are identical, and the only solution is to assign someone 15 projects? Really? U-G-L-Y

To add to this thread - this type of functionality becomes especially important/needed when projects aren’t as long term as the ones @Pascale_Ouimet mentioned. With several projects a month, I need to figure out how to copy a column structure within a same board many times over every week, without resorting to the dreadful task-by-task copying. Why not, at the very least enable a ‘Copy Column’ function at the top of a column, or allow for the multi-select (Ctrl+Click) option to allow for this?


I want to duplicate an entire column in the board view. A search of this forum just shows 4 queries on this and then it was closed without any answer as far as I can tell. How can this not be a feature or is it only in certain premium version of the product? I know we pay for Asana but not sure which version. Thanks.

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