Ability to bulk paste multiple email addresses into assignee search

Hi there,

Is there a way to bulk copy/paste email addresses under “Assignee” when doing an advanced search or chart?

I’ve tried pasting the list itself, doesn’t work. I’ve tried separating by commas, doesn’t work.

This results in my having to copy/paste 20 emails into every chart for every dashboard (about 50 of them). This is hugely time consuming since we can’t search by “users under a Team anyway” (Add all users in chosen Team to Assignee axis).

Hi @Liz_Ziser, at this time, it is not currently possible to bulk paste multiple Assignee’s into a chart. Rest assured, we are aware of your request for this and have the #productfeedback thread where other users can vote for this feature too! :slight_smile:

We’ll keep you posted if we have any updates :slight_smile:

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