A project status update in Asana forces the project managers to take a step back

:studio_microphone: Publishing a project status update in Asana forces me to take a step back. Otherwise, I am stuck in production mode and never look at the big picture.

I believe it could not be more true. Even if you have a handful of members on the project, or even just yourself, this little act of publishing an update can make a big difference. You can realise you are going in the wrong direction, or on the opposite realised you do and you did a lot of work this week!

Don’t under estimate the power of project status updates!


So true, it’s the difference between being a task master and a project manager.


Do you have a best practice for project status update?


also interested to hear best practices!

An inbox for each project would be more useful. Having updates from all projects mixed together in an unique inbox is the real project manager killer.


A task may be a step along the way to completing a project. A task might be to
get a paintbrush. A project is composed of a set of tasks to accomplish a goal. A project might be to paint my bathroom. It has a beginning and end and can be completed in a specific time frame.

I think status-updates is one of the most under-utilised and under-valued functionalities in Asana.

I ask weekly updates from project leads.

The minimum I ask of a status update is just once sentence, even if it is just “nothing noteworthy this week”

The best a-sync collaborations that I have in Asana are by far those where the project lead does this faithfully.

I’ve just started using this functionality and love it! Just had my first Steering Committee using just the Status Update and Timeline views - saved me hours of having to pull together a separate PowerPoint pack


That could be solved by having a central inbox like Asana does, but being able to apply filters to it really quickly to see communication and updates by the specific project

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Here is what I recommend to my colleagues for project status updates frequency:

  • For 3-month projects: at least every two weeks
  • For 6-month projects: every two weeks
  • For 12-month projects: at least monthly

Sure. One or another would be simple and game changer.