A new upgrade Tier - "Family." Roll out with new "Achievements," ie Gamification, options in Asana

This suggestion assumes a premise: a family is a team worthy of a superb tool such as Asana.

I urge you to consider a new upgrade option. This new option could be priced below the “Premium” $10.99 option. You know that little asterisk where it says “Small team discounts may apply”. I’m saying, make the small team discount price point a permanent option called “Family”

This family option would only need basic features but one thing you could put in there is a new feature called Achievements (or whatever you want to call them). The idea being the Gamification of Asana. That is… Badges, rewards, scoreboards, weekly brag(err performance) reports, premium avatars etc…

So Achievements come included with the family plan. But could also be an add-on product for the business-focused upgrade tiers. Not all businesses would want to Gamify their Asana… But some would, and could have the option to add it on.

I’d like to add… The problem this solves for me is user engagement. Meaning, I think Gamification would get more families (and my family) more engaged with asana. And more likely to use Asana.

As a work-around for family planning, we use Google Calendar. It’s familiar. It does events pretty good. And it gets the job done. What I’d really love is for the whole family to use Asana for recurring events, also tasks and projects. I think it would be awesome to have a weekly email to the whole family giving kudos to the top task performer(Like the Chore Champion).

That is an interesting idea! Not sure Asana wants to push the use from families, when they are pushing so hard for enterprise clients.

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Hi @Adam_Miller1 and welcome to the Forum!

I love your idea!! This is not part of our near-term plans, but hopefully, this is something we can look into in the future :slight_smile:

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Pricing for home use is prohibitive to families. Creating a family rate could be beneficial to Asana, too, since it could potentially expand recognition by users who could then potentially recommend for business purposes.

Our family loves it and we want more features, but can’t justify upgrade costs at business rates.

Even my 7 year old is using Asana. One could also make a case for homeschool use…

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Welcome to the Community Forum @Leslie_Rainey!

This a very good idea! We have an existing thread about this topic. I’ve gone ahead and merge your post with A new upgrade Tier - “Family.” Roll out with new “Achievements,” ie Gamification, options in Asana in order to consolidate feedback.

Thanks again for share this great feedback! Let me know if you have any follow up questions.

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@Leslie_Rainey in my opinion only your partner and yourself could be members (and then take 2 seats) and the rest of the family could be guests.

Just dropping in here to show interest in a family plan as well!

I just noticed the “You’re about to hit your team’s 1,000 task limit” banner notification upon creating a task.

A thread about it is already created here: 1,000 Tasks Alert
As Jerod posted there, the limit even includes completed tasks.

Asana is used within my household of ±10 people to create and complete about 2500-3000 tasks yearly and is used as archive and reference of completed work as well.
A limit like this will severely impact the way we are able to use Asana and unfortunately, the pricing model is (as mentioned by @Bastien_Siebman) mostly directed towards enterprise and same as @Leslie_Rainey we can hardly justify the upgrade costs.

Is there any update regarding the support for a family plan?
Conglomerates like Microsoft are also mainly B2B but support home usage as well :slight_smile:

With the 1000 tasks limit in place without an affordable upgrade plan we might have to look for alternatives although I’m quite sure nothing beats Asana in simplicity, usability, stability and easy of use.
It really is a great product, used in the company I work at extensibly as well. So big cheers for making this great product! :+1:

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*Can’t edit my previous post

Oh, btw: raising the task limit (per team) or not counting completed tasks is also a perfectly viable solution for the use case of our household :slight_smile:

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HI @Levi3, this is only something we’re testing, we haven’t made any formal decision in regards with a hard limit in free teams - we will communicate in the #announcements if that was ever to become a formal limit.

In the meantime, if you run into this limit, we recommend creating a new team (which may imply re-organising your workflow around teams rather than projects?) or deleting old/archived projects and/or completed tasks.

Family plans aren’t in our short-terms plans, but this is definitely something we could look at in the future, and if we do I’ll be sure to keep you posted on this thread!

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I’m so happy that someone brought this up!
I’m a big fan of asana since I know how to use asana at work. I love every aspect of it and find it relevant for managing my personal and family projects!

That’s why I recommended asana to my husband & friends. Many of my friends’ family and my family are now using asana for managing our family matters. But of course all the features I sold them (what I use at work) are not available for users with free accounts. Unfortunately at the moment, subscribing with the normal tier wouldn’t be an option for us as it’s quite an amount. Would be great to have this family Tier :smiley: I know a lot of other families who would appreciate this! Mine would certainly do :star_struck: