A new API for Project Templates

@Nick_Garcia1 Yes, if I understand the question, the Auto-Adjust Workflow will work the same on projects made from a 2.0 template as they will from a 1.0-template-based project.

@Phil_Seeman it was announced that the is_template will be deprecated in August. Any idea if this is postponed since the force migration did not happen?

I haven’t heard any news on this, sorry.

Hey folks, cross-posting from the weekly API update, we have a new
timeline for New Project Templates that I want to make sure you’re all aware

  • current status (Aug 16): opt-in (Project resources still include the
    is_template field, but your API client can include a
    Asana-Enable: new_project_templates header to receive the new resource
  • next change (Aug 24): opt-out (Project resources will no longer include the
    is_template field by default, but your API client can include a
    Asana-Disable: new_project_templates header to temporarily revert to the old
  • final change (Sep 24): deprecation complete (Project resources will no
    longer include the is_template field, and there will no longer be a way to
    revert to the old treatment)

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Yours in Developer Relations,
Sasha, on behalf of the Asana API Team

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I know this might be a slightly old topic but we’re just starting with Asana and i’m running into a similar with creating a template via the API. I’m getting the same date issue if I use “1” as the date GID, but if I use “2” it creates it, but it seems that 2 sets the due date, and the start date is not set it seems to just pick a random start date, one project was starting in July one was in August, if I try and put in both “1” and “2” as an array of dates it says that it must contain only one start date or one due date. I only want the due date to populate as well. Only one of my tasks refences the due date, and its being used a 20 days BEFORE the due date. Any way to just have the Due date populate?

Are you having this issue when creating a template, or when creating a project from a template? You’re talking about supplying actual calendar dates so it seems you’re talking about creating a project?

hey folks, a reminder that the Asana-Disable headers will stop working soon (end of September) for New Project Templates. At that point, the API will only return the new schema for New Project Templates and is_template will be no more.


It looks like you can’t query for all templates in an org, do you have to do it team by team? :frowning: Not possible to get templates for an org?