3rd party dark mode plugins / hacks?

Does anyone know of any third party apps or plugins that will give Asana a dark mode?

Hi @Michael_Lee
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I can’t recommend you to use these third-party extensions/apps!
But there are a few apps/extensions that can change the websites to the dark mode you can use those to change from normal to dark mode!


FYI I saw Dark Reader in action with Asana the other day and from what I saw it’s an excellent way to achieve dark mode in Asana if you’re using a Chrome-compatible browser.

The Dark Reader extension has been awesome. Till a native dark mode is supported by Asana - the dark reader is an eye saver

I can also confirm that Dark Reader is the best option at the moment.

I’m also using Dark Reader and had no issue with it so far.

Hi all :wave:t2: I have some exciting news…

Dark mode is now available on both web and the desktop app! :tada:

Check out this post for all the dark details and share your feedback in the comments :sunglasses:

Are you as excited for dark mode as I am? :star_struck:

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