WSJF - Weighted Short Job First - How to in Asana using Formulas

The Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF) framework is a valuable tool within the Scaled Agile Framework for assessing job priority. With the recent incorporation of formula custom fields and the ability to add them (see Richards post here) , Asana now possesses the capability to compute both the Cost of Delay and the Weighted Shortest Job First total.

Firstly we need to set up a project with our jobs inside. We then need to add a number field for User-Business Value and another for Time Criticality and also RR/OE Value (Risk reduction and/or opportunity enablement).

Following this, we need to add a Formula Custom Field to derive the cumulative value from these aforementioned custom fields. Titling it COD (Cost of Delay Value).

N.B It is important when inputting the User-Business Value, Time Criticality and RR/OE Value you establish the range (1-10 for example) and that everyone in the team/company understands what is considered a 1 or a 10.

We then need to add a further number field to the project entitled Job Size. Again this needs to have an established scale. (For Example 1-20).

Then finally we need to make one last formula custom field entitled WSJF. This is where we divide the previous formula custom field entitled COD by the Job Size number field.

Now you have the ability to prioritise your work by starting on the higher scoring jobs, using the scaled agile approach of Weighted Short Job First.

Let me know your thoughts!