Widget in task is not rendered

We’re trying to create a widget, but it won’t render.
Unfortunately, the example from the documentation doesn’t work either.
Only the placeholders are visible in the task.

The response object looks like this:

    "metaData": {
        "error": "",
        "num_comments": 0,
        "subicon_url": "",
        "subtitle": "Added",
        "title": "Customer ID",
        "fields": [{
                "icon_url": "",
                "text": "12345",
                "type": "text_with_icon",
                "name": "Customer number"
            }, {
                "icon_url": "",
                "text": "address",
                "type": "text_with_icon",
                "name Address"
            }, {
                "icon_url": "",
                "text": "0123456789",
                "type": "text_with_icon",
                "name": "phone"
        "footers": {
            "footer_type": "created",
            "created_at": "2022-07-12T06:23:37.4339880Z"
    "template": "summary_with_details_v0"

Does anyone have an idea why this fails?

Greetings Andreas


I happen to work on this yesterday and successfully got a widget displayed :slight_smile:

Did you understand that a widget would only be displayed if there is an attachment on the task, with a URL matching the pattern you gave in the app configuration?

Also try to use the exact example from the demo app in terms of fields just to be sure the error is not coming from a missing icon_url for example.

Let me know if this helps!

Note: what I understood after a while was that you don’t need an actual file to be attached you can attach a resource based on a single URL

Hello @Bastien_Siebman!

The problem is solved. It was the formatting of the date.
Thanks for the help!



Can you post the correct date format you used as a benefit to future readers of this thread? Thanks.

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Sorry for the late reply.
A valid format is the following example.


Apparently, C# converts the ISO-8601 format a little differently.
Converted manually it works without problems.

And another tip: CaseSensitivity must be observed here