Where do I download the desktop app for Mac?

I cannot for the life of me find the Desktop app download page.

Everything that I find is another app or some kind of integration.

I used Asana all the time a few years ago and back then it was a web app only. But now everything I see in the users guide keeps referring to shortcut keys to use on the “desktop app” and functions that are only available on this mythical “desktop app”. So, where is it?! How can I download it?

I am eager to get back to using Asana and seeing all the new features that have been developed over the years!

Hi @Nathaniel_Y_Downes,

There is not currently a desktop (Mac or PC) app for Asana, only the web app and the mobile apps. Where in the documentation did you see a reference to a desktop app?

You can add your vote for an Asana desktop app here.

Also FYI if you’re interested, I am in development on a third-party Asana desktop app here.

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