What is the most important feature in Asana for you?

There are many task management software in the market. Why do you pick Asana?
Of course, Asana still has so much room for improvement but which available feature is the decisive one for you?

As for me, even though, Asana can’t sync properly to Google Calendar, nor can it list sub-task as outline style. It even doesn’t have a list of projects. We need it so badly that we have to create a project reference as a work around.

Despite all that, I still use Asana as it can assign a task to many projects (or parents). This feature is rare and useful to me. I don’t know any other task management that can do this.

This is my reason.
What is yours?


I have tried many other tools and here a non exhaustive list of my reasons why I have chosen ASANA:

  • user friendly : first time you open ASANA you’re able to create a task, a project without training
  • start date are not mandatory : some other tools need a start date, but if you have to spend only a few hours on a task, you don’t want to define start date
  • many integrations
  • possibility to assign a task to several projects as you mentionned

First point was very important to me because we deploy Asana with many teams, and having a user friendly tool makes adoption by other colleagues much easier.



Does not look like a kid toy like Trello does :sweat_smile:


There are many things that I love about Asana, but the most important feature is definitely custom fields. Combined with advanced search, custom fields offer so many possibilities for tracking and reporting.


In short, custom fields.

Initially I chose Asana because it was the most robust free platform I found that worked the way that seemed logical to me. However, we quickly upgraded to a premium account so we could take advantage of custom fields.

I was looking for an all-in-one solution that could take the place of a project intake form and custom fields allowed me to setup a task that encourages my colleagues to fill-in all the data I need to execute the task for them without having to use a form that lives elsewhere.


The most important feature for me is being able to create subtasks and have them appear on my board rather than hidden within a card on a checklist. Having its own card on a board keeps it visible so I don’t lose track and allows me to add contextual information. I experimented a little with Zenkit, as it offers the ability to switch between lists and boards, which is another thing I like about Asana; however, to create a subtask you either need to create checklists or create a whole new card.

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