We're planning a channel partner program at Asana. Which partners do you work with?

We’re planning to launch a channel partner program at Asana! Our primary focus will be to build out a channel presence in Europe and then we’ll move to the US. As we do this, we’d like to understand which partners our customers currently work with! With that, which partners, if any, does your company work with?

Thank you for sharing! We’re excited to create a channel partner program that works for you.

cc @Sharrifah, our channel program lead

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Hi folks! Following up here. Any feedback on which partners your company works with?

Hi Alexis. Sorry if the question is silly but mi english isn’t very good. What is channel partner or what they do for Asana?

Hi @Juan_Garcia_Alvarez! Here’s a helpful definition What is channel partner? | Definition from TechTarget

Hi Alexis. Has this partner program got off the ground yet?