Welcoming French and German Languages into the Asana Community


On Tuesday January 16th we will begin supporting French and German in our Community!

We’re delighted to announce this beta launch of our French and German subcommunities. This beta launch follows Asana’s November announcement that our product is available in French and German. We couldn’t be happier to bring our Community together across the world :slightly_smiling_face:

Where to speak in French and German in the Asana Community
We’ll be opening specific French and German categories to the Community. To access the French and German subcommunities click Categories on the top left of your screen and then select French or German. While the greater Community and its categories (ex. Tips and Tricks, Integrations, etc.) will remain in English, we invite conversation in French and German languages in their dedicated categories.

If you have any questions about our French and German subcommunities, reach out to me or to our French and German Community manager, @Niamh. For reference, you’ll recognize Asanas @Niamh and @Marie in the French category and @Gearoid , @Christina_Haas , and @Cosmina_Sipos in the German category. We also have wonderful moderators from our customer Community - @Bastien_Siebman and @Julien_RENAUD in French and @Sebastian_Paasch in German!

This is one step of many in internationalizing the Asana experience. Thanks for your continued participation and support from across the world!



Can’t wait to help the French Asana users :muscle:


Exciting times ahead!


It is almost 4pm in France, where is the French Community!!! #impatient #baguette #beret


Open now! Happy posting :grinning:

And for those who aren’t familiar with our Categories we have:

We would be delighted if you could spread the message to your colleagues that could benefit from our language based groups.

Merci und Danke!


@Julien_RENAUD @Paul_Stasse @Paul_Mayer the French are in da place




Just want to say, don’t overlook the Swiss!!!

This will be good news for them too, and it’s a very interesting market to get into, with English/French/German you’ll be in good shape.

FYI, I say this as a Swiss/American and spent 20 years living there, and 10 working there in corporate/global headquarters, as a current software consultant, and as an Asana user.

Merci & Danke & Merci viellmals


Good news -well done.

Any news on a Spanish roll-out?


We’ll keep you updated! :slight_smile:


+1 for Chinese Simplified please.