Weekly calendar views for projects please

Definitely something I’d love to see! I manually write up our team member’s individual workloads each week, and it’d be very helpful to have it built into Asana.

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Me too. It would be soo cool to be able to schedule individual days according to priorities.

I need the task calendar view for the week and day. Without this, it is impossible to work in your program. Please do this.
Like this 9-best-event-calendar-plugins-for-wordpress-2019-athemes-calendar-countdown-list-widget.png - Google Drive

The week view is great, but agreed I really wish there was a day view option when using calendar mode for my tasks. I don’t have the emotional strength to constantly see tomorrow’s tasks!

First off, my apologies if this is already something in another post.

I’m curious if I can make a suggestion for the Calendar View under My Tasks. The Calendar view gives a Month View and a Week View, which works out great, however, I’m curious if a “Day View” can be added to scroll through the day in a full view instead of seeing the whole week.

I believe that this would be a benefit to those that love the calendar view of My Tasks that sorts by the Due Date, but also would give the ability for better focus on the tasks for the specific day without seeing all of the other tasks that I have throughout the week.

I know I can always set up a board view and set rules for it for this kind of thing, but I love the calendar view so much and I’d just like the day view to function like the week or month view does.


Hi! I can’t believe this has been a feature request for almost 6 YEARS now and absolutely nothing has happened?! It’s such a bummer to only be able to view tasks on a monthly calendar, a week view is sorely missed and needed. Can someone over at Asana please respond to this as clearly there are MANY people waiting and begging for this feature to be implemented? Why is this such a difficult thing to accomplish?! In my (very ignorant, probably) mind it seems like such an easy thing to implement :thinking: Thank you :hugs: :pray:


Haven’t yet figured out how to zoom into a weekly view in the calendar view. We’ve next to no use for the monthly view.

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Is there any active plan to have this done. Its not practical without this. There would be so much visual clutter over the week when you need to focus on a single day

Please add day view in the calendar. The week view is great for getting a sense of what need to be done during the week and also to move tasks as needed. But once, I’ve planned my day and the order I’m going to tackle my tasks I don’t want to see the tasks of the other days, I want to have it focused on only today’s tasks in the calendar.

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Is there any way to select the week view also on projects and not only on “My Tasks”?

Classic Asana. Six years of ignoring simple requests to make the product more useful.

Adding to the noise here;
Would love to see hours in week view on My Tasks. I sync my tasks to google calendar and would be amazing to see my tasks around my appointments automatically without having to go into each tasks details and assigning times with the tiny little date picker. Just drag and dropping tasks and stretching to allocate hours in my week would be :pinched_fingers:

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I’d love to see this too

+1 here, and…
Sad to see this topic is six years old.

Would love to have this option as well! Just like in the “My Tasks” would be incredible. :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone, and thanks for all feedback you have shared on this thread!

I’m happy to announce we are bringing the calendar week view currently available on my tasks to projects!

Going forward, you will be able to switch from month view to 7 days calendar view and see what’s happening week by week on your project at a glance. In addition to this, you will be able to toggle off weekends and multi-day tasks if you don’t want them to appear in your project calendar.

I see some of you are interested on a Day view for calendar, I recommend you voting on this separate thread: Calendar day view for projects !

I hope this new view it’s helpful for your projects! Let us know if you have any questions in the Tips and Tricks category! :slight_smile:

Please note we are gradually rolling out this update and it will be available to all customers in a few weeks.