Webhook for watching user's changes

Hi Asana Developers,

Is it possible to watch the user resource changes via webhooks somehow ? I’m just don’t see user resource inside possible resources that can be triggered by webhook :frowning:

    Attachment - deleted, undeleted
    Portfolio - added, deleted, removed
    Project - added, changed, deleted, removed, undeleted
    Project Membership - added, removed
    Project Template Configuration - added, deleted, removed
    Project Template Configuration Membership - added, removed
    Section - added, changed, deleted, undeleted
    Story - added, removed, undeleted
    Tag - added, changed, deleted, undeleted
    Task - added, changed, deleted, removed, undeleted
    Team - added, changed, deleted
    Team Membership - added, removed
    Workspace - added, removed, changed
    Workspace Memberships - added, removed

Thanks in advance.


Hi @Andrei8,

You are correct; changes in users are not currently available via webhooks.