Using Asana for ISO 9001 and 14001

I was wondering if somebody is using Asana to follow ISO norms. Instead of using a document I want to set up asana for easy adapting for new norms or employees.

Does anybody has some experience with that? an would share how they have set it up?


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Great question, @Brian_Vink! I couldn’t find specific use cases in our Ways to Use Asana guide. I curious to see what others can share here as well. I also recommend you reaching out to our support team as they will be able to give you a tailored answer depending of your workflow.


I’m rather new with Asana and just figuring out how Asana works by trial and error.

My idea is to make a template for each ISO norm and use the asana template instead of exell file we’re using now… After I manualy inserted the 142 line items for the VCC I found out I could insert the file as well. Well leasons learned for the 9001 sheet:-).

If you do build strong templates @Tamara_BWH make sure to submit them for display on my website