user_task_lists not accurately categorizing (via assignee_status) tasks

When I query my tasks via user_task_lists ({{ASANA_USER_ID}}/tasks) the tasks are returned in the correct order, however, it doesn’t appear that new or old tasks’ assignee_status are being updated. Even if the task is in the ‘Today’ section, the task’s assignee_status is wrong (inbox or upcoming for old tasks).

  • Browser: Chrome 91 on macOS (Catalina)

Below is a task called “1031 COOKIE FIX AND FORM SUBMIT.” You can see that the task is in my ‘today’ view.

However, when I query my user_task_list, you can see that everything’s in the right order but 3 of the 4 that I’m sharing have their assignee_status incorrectly labeled.

PS I included the created_at value in case there is some relationship there.

Hi @Zakery_Kates,

This is actually not a bug; assignee_status is deprecated and no longer used in the new My Tasks model that’s now rolling out.

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