Update New Task Custom Fields

“data”: {
“custom_fields”: { “629590537841684”: “DATE”}

Error Message:
Webhook: The app returned “Custom field with ID 629590537841684 is not on given object”.

I think you forgot to say “hi”, “please” and/or “thanks for your help” :slight_smile:


Aside from what @Bastien_Siebman said, what’s missing is any context as to what endpoint you’re calling. I can guess as to the endpoint and the source of the error, but I don’t like guessing.

Hi @Phil_Seeman,
I must have accidentally copied/pasted this information into the text box and hit save without additional context. Thank you for responding to the post with what additional information you may need to support the error message I am receiving.

I am calling an existing Task and trying to set values for a Custom Field (ID: 629590537841684). I am hoping for someone with more experience than I to confirm my code is accurate and to help me understand why I’m receiving the error.

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Most likely what this indicates is that the custom field you’re trying to update does not exist in the project. A custom field has to have a custom_field_setting in a particular project for that custom field to have values on it in that project.

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