Update Asana Task


I’m trying to update a asana task from ServiceNow Rest API but receiving the following error.

{“errors”:[{“message”:“task: Not a Long: task_gid”,“help”:“For more information on API status codes and how to handle them, read the docs on errors: Errors”}]}

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Hi @Srujan_Chilumula ,

Welcome to the forum! Please see documentation for this endpoint here. You need to pass the task_gid in the URL and not the content body. That error is telling you that you’re passing the literal string task_gid instead of passing the actual task_gid itself as a string (e.g. "1122334455").


Actually although it’s currently all numeric, it needs to be passed as a string, not a number.


Thanks for the correction; updated previous post for accuracy.


So the task_gid means the task id, Right?


@Srujan_Chilumula - Assuming you have the task open on your screen (probably inside of a project), that’s correct. In that URL, the first long gid is for the project and the second is for the task.

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I successfully updated the task in Asana from ServiceNow. Now, I am attempting to update the task comments using the following content:

“data”: {
“notes”: “Mittens likes the stuff from Humboldt.”

However, instead of updating the comments, it is updating the task description. Can you please let me know what the query parameter is for comments in Asana?

@Srujan_Chilumula - this is the documentation for comments (create and update are slightly different but both documented). Generally speaking, the dev docs are a really good place to check first (you can search them for keywords like “comment”) since you can also test your calls in the web-based explorer before building your calls in your app.

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