tracking checked off tasks and subtasks on a monthly basis

I do monthly reports on what my team and I accomplished. It would be great to be able to export a finished tasks and subtasks list for specific periods.
That would help you keep track of which subtasks were accomplished in a certain task (visually this could be done by indenting subtasks and their subtasks in a list).
Using the goals and reports features doesn’t help if you have a lot of different tasks that are not part of a clear timeline for a certain project. I simply have a lot of tasks that are independent from each other and that I get assigned on a daily basis. I do group them usually but that’s it. No way to define goals and track progress as there is no progress as such.

@Steffi_Woessner, have you tried using saved advanced search reports?



Thanks for the suggestion. It’s a littly messy because its not divided into tasks with subtasks listed under them. But it works.

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