Tracking board columns changes

Hello guys,

Based on this thread Tracking progress of task across columns - #12 by Fillipe
I wanna monitor the tasks columns changes to be possible to know how much time each task stays in each column since your creation.

Can you guys please guide me with some links and tips about how to do it?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Fillipe,

Columns are sections in the Asana data model. So what you want to do is monitor changes in a project’s tasks and catch whenever a task’s section changes in that project.

Monitoring changes in a project's tasks

This is done either via webhooks or monitoring events.

Info on webhooks is here.

Info on events is here.

Note, though: if you’re going to use webhooks, the format of them is changing over the coming month, so rather than using the above documentation for their data format, I’d recommend you set your app in the developer console to only use String IDs:

and then use the new data format that’s described here.

Catch whenever a task's section changes in that project

This is done by monitoring a task’s memberships array property. (For info, see the description of the memberships property here.) Each membership is a combination of a project and a section in that project. So whenever you get a task-change webhook/event for a project’s task, you would locate the membership array element for that project and grab the section (if any). You’ll need to store those sections in your own data store along with the created_at timestamp for that webhook/event.

By comparing the section you stored with the current section in the webhook/event payload, you’ll be able to know that the section changed. By using the timestamp you stored vs. the current timestamp of the webhook/event, you’ll be able to calculate how long the task resided in a given section.


Thank you very much @Phil_Seeman

I appreciate that!

Hi @Fillipe, did you end up building something for this? I am looking for something similar and be great if you would be open to sharing anything you’ve built?

Hi @gerard_syd, I did not.

I was using Asana for monitoring some process pipelines. For this need, I decided to move to another specific platform. I continue using Asana just for projects management.