There is an option to open Asana Tasks in batch/bulk ?

There is an option to open Asana Tasks in batch/bulk ?

Hi @Eliran_Srur,

You’ve posted your question in the API section which is for questions/discussion about programming with Asana, but it sounds like your question is not programming-related - is that right? Are you just asking if it’s possible to open multiple tasks in the Asana web browser application?

Hi Phil,
i wanna do these by using API.

Ah, OK.

There isn’t a concept of “opening” a task in the API; the API doesn’t have any UI elements to it (other than App Components but those are for special cases and don’t provide general UI behaviors). So can you provide some additional information on what you’re wanting to do? (Do you mean “read” multiple tasks?) What’s the specific use case(s) you’re trying to implement?

I wanna create multiple tasks by using API with an integration tool.

OK, got it.

There’s no API endpoint to create more than one task; you’ll have to create them one at a time via the endpoint to create a task.

However, you could (if your integration tool supports it) use the Batch API to submit those create-task requests in bulk, so as to minimize network traffic.

Amazing, you can tell me how many records in one batch/ bulk?
What is the limitation.

See the documentation I linked to:

Amazing, tnx.