The ability for custom fields to inherit parent task data!?

Any movement on this? Ideally custom fields could have an yes or no option as to whether subtasks will inherit that field from their parent task. Or all subtasks inherit the parent tasks custom fields but if you need to you can manually change it. My department uses subtasks and this would save a lot of time.


Is there a way to make the subtasks automatically inherit the main task’s Priority?

I currently have rules that automatically create subtasks, but I can’t find a way to have the Priority trickle down to subtasks once it’s (Priority) selected on the main task.

*I do not have Flowsana


Mimicking @Charissa_Bass’s sentiment since it has been a while. Any movement on the ability to copy parent task field values to the corresponding subtask field values? This would be immensely helpful.


Its always the same.
Asana has some nice features, but when it comes to use them, there is always a last puzzle-peace missing.

So much wasted potential…

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Would also love to know if there is a way to do this without flowsana, since first posted?

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