Templates that work backward from finish date


I search for this and couldn’t find it here already.

I think it’d be great to be able to build a template that doesn’t have due dates but instead has how far out from the date of project completion that due date should be. So, if I have a project template for an event, I put in the event date and it automatically puts due dates on all of the tasks based on that info. So, order flower arrangements always needs to happen about 20 days out. When I assign the date of October 27 for the event, the flower arrangements task gets a due date of October 7th by default.


@Kip_Gordon I built a template similar to what you are requesting using excel formulas. I am sure the commands could be tweaked to your needs. I came across some rather exotic date math formulas but in the end I felt this accomplished what was needed.

The blue represents input items. This obviously could be built out pretty extensively.

Can Excel uploads be used to mass edit large projects?

Man, that’s a really great solution. I completely forgot about the ability to import a spreadsheet as a project. While I do still think it’d be a great feature to add, this will definitely fit the bill for me. My coworkers wouldn’t be able to do it (they aren’t that great with excel/tech anything) but I could always help.
Heck, I think it’d be great to be able to add an overall project due date in asana. I usually have a task that indicates the end but it’d be great to just say, Project X is due DATE.

Anywho, thanks for the tip!