Suddenly getting 403-Forbidden error


@Joe_Trollo @Matt_Bramlage @Jeff_Schneider

Hi guys,

I have a really odd situation… I was just working with a Flowsana customer, and my Flowsana code was happily updating tasks in a project of hers. All of a sudden, every time my code tried to update a task in that project, Asana returned a 403 error.

I’m not aware of anything notable that occurred between the time it was working and the moment it stopped.

I made a duplicate of that project, and everything is working perfectly in the duplicate - my code is able to update the tasks there without issue.

Any ideas what’s going on with the first project? If it helps, its project id is 953711957054514.


Thanks for sharing the project ID. From my end, it looks like the project was made “comment-only” (though I don’t know when). Is the authed user a full member of the project in question? What message does the API return with the 403 response?


Whoa, you are correct, sir! I have no idea why or how she changed it - I was on a web session watching her so it must have been some deft slight-of-hand. But I just flipped it to “Can edit” and all is working now.

Thanks for checking it!