Suddenly getting 403-Forbidden error

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Hi guys,

I have a really odd situation… I was just working with a Flowsana customer, and my Flowsana code was happily updating tasks in a project of hers. All of a sudden, every time my code tried to update a task in that project, Asana returned a 403 error.

I’m not aware of anything notable that occurred between the time it was working and the moment it stopped.

I made a duplicate of that project, and everything is working perfectly in the duplicate - my code is able to update the tasks there without issue.

Any ideas what’s going on with the first project? If it helps, its project id is 953711957054514.

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Thanks for sharing the project ID. From my end, it looks like the project was made “comment-only” (though I don’t know when). Is the authed user a full member of the project in question? What message does the API return with the 403 response?

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Whoa, you are correct, sir! I have no idea why or how she changed it - I was on a web session watching her so it must have been some deft slight-of-hand. But I just flipped it to “Can edit” and all is working now.

Thanks for checking it!