Specify order of subtasks


If I’m creating/updating subtasks via the API (where they are not assigned to the project of their parent task), is it correct that there is no way to set or modify the order of those subtasks via the API; or am I (hopefully) missing something?


I think that you are correct



@Matt_Bramlage @Joe_Trollo
Hey guys, that would be an enhancement request from me - it would be awesome if we could have an insert_before / insert_after type of capability for subtasks like there is when adding a task to a project.


Check this out Subtask under a Subtask-Section


Well I’ll be darned, thanks, @Diakoptis - as Matt says it’s hacky but sounds like it would work! My feature request still stands but I’ll probably use that workaround for now.


I can neither confirm nor deny that such a feature will be released, and I certainly have no information about a possible release being as soon as, say, next week… :wink:


Wow, thanks @Joe_Trollo! I will certainly not look forward to a possible announcement that may or may not be forthcoming in the near or distant future…


The June 26, 2018 API Update announced the ability to order subtask.