Since 3/3/2020 "" failed with error "custom_fields: Value cannot be an array: []"

Since 3/3/2020, our api call to “” has stopped working with the exception error “custom_fields: Value cannot be an array: ”. Below is the sample body of the url that was sent out with all the ids been replaced:
{:name=>"(For testing only) test item",
:workspace=> 33333333,
:notes=>" sample noe ",
:due_on=>Wed, 04 Mar 2020,

"{“errors”:[{“message”:“custom_fields: Value cannot be an array: ”,“help”:"For more information on API status codes and how to handle them, read the docs on errors: Asana

This code has not been changed and was working until yesterday morning 3/3/2020. Just wonder if Asana has changed this api recently.


Hi @Tony_Hoang and welcome to the forum,

Yes, it seems there was a recent change - see this thread for more info:

If the existing solutions given there don’t help you, you might want to add onto that thread rather than post more here, so that the discussion can be more centralized.