Share your thoughts on the global developer landscape with SlashData!

Twice a year, SlashData, the global developer research firm, runs a survey gathering your insights and experiences. Your responses will help us understand our developer ecosystem more deeply and incorporate your needs to our roadmap better.

If you’ve not yet participated, and are interested in contributing your answers, the link is here.

It runs through 31 January 2022. It covers 13 areas, including: Web, Mobile, Desktop, Cloud, Industrial IoT, Consumer Electronics, Embedded software, AR & VR, Apps/extensions for 3rd-party ecosystems, Games, Machine Learning & AI, and Data science. It’s available in 9 languages.

In return, you may be eligible to win items from SlashData, such as new gear to upgrade your home or office workstation, or courses and licenses to learn something new. Plus, everyone who completes the survey will get a free virtual goody bag with access to free resources.

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