Search tasks in a workspace

I am using the API - Search tasks in a workspace to get the list of tasks under a project. I have a custom multi enum field on which I am trying to filter but the documentation doesn’t mention how to pass value of a multi enum in the params. I tried using


bu it didn’t work.

How can I filter on a multi enum field?

Good question! I wonder if the search functionality hasn’t been updated yet to support multi_enum fields (which are relatively new)?

@AndrewWong can you help here?


Hi @Support5, @Phil_Seeman is correct. We currently do not support searching of multi_enum custom fields for our Search tasks in a workspace (GET /workspaces/{workspace_gid}/tasks/search) endpoint. Thank you for bringing this up. We have updated our documentation to note that this is currently not supported under the Custom field parameters table (the table in your screenshot) in " Not Supported".

We still need to spec the behavior out (i.e. if a developer specifies custom_fields.<multi_enum_custom_field_id>.value=<option 1>,<option 2> does this mean return only tasks that have option 1 and option 2 or return all tasks that have either one set?).

@Support5 and @Phil_Seeman if you have any inputs on the behavior for searching with multi_enum custom fields let us know and we can bring this up to our API team.

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