Removing the tasks of a template from My Tasks

I just created an onboarding project template and assigned someone to each task in the template. I noticed that all of those tasks now show up under My Tasks as uncompleted. They are not tasks I will complete because they are just for the template and not for a specific new employees. Is there a way to remove those from My Tasks without marking them as complete? When I mark them as complete, they go away from the template and you can no longer see them.


Hi @Sarah_Schoolcraft,

Unfortunately there’s no way to remove them from peoples’ My Tasks view.

The workaround most people use is to move them into the “Later” section, which can then be collapsed:

Project Template assigned tasks show up in My Tasks automatically - #5 by LenSantos

You can vote for a change in this functionality by upvoting this Product Feedback item:

Lastly, I would be remiss :slight_smile: if I didn’t mention that my Flowsana integration provides a solution for this as part of its Dynamic Duration-Based Workflow; basically, instead of assigning the tasks in the template, you put the name of each task’s assignee in an “Assigned To” custom field, and at the appropriate time (when the task’s dependencies are completed), Flowsana automatically assigns the task to the person in the Assign To field. You can read more about it here.


Thank you, Phil! The workaround isn’t ideal, but at least I can collapse it and get it out of view for now. I also voted for the feature update!