Reinstate keyboard shortcuts for today, upcoming, and later in my tasks

Please bring the shortcuts TAB-L, TAB-Y and TAB-U back. Those were extremely useful.
Those are still listed under Asana Shortcuts pop up modal, so I believe it must’ve been a bug introduced with the update.


Seconded. Please bring these back. No matter what browser I try, the keyboard shortcuts @Marcus6 mentioned aren’t working.

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Yeah, really poor UI move here to remove this core functionality from Asana. This definitely hurts the productivity of me and my team. This is the sort of fundamental change I worry about when Asana continues to add feature bloat that my organization has no use for.

Please bring back the TAB-L and TAB-Y shortcuts asap.

Please bring back the Keyboard shortcuts! (I’ll add my voice to this chorus).

There are ways around the “section was renamed” problem - There could be a Tab+Y,U,L section regardless of the (re)naming. I renamed mine “Now”, “Soon”, and “Incoming” (not Today, Upcoming, or Recently Assigned) but some kbd shortcuts could still apply. It’s a real drag on productivity.


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Hey Asana-Team!

It seems that with the introduction of your new Rules-Feature, you’ve discontinued the shortcuts for Today (Tab + Y), Upcoming (Tab + U) and Later (Tab + L).

That’s really disappointing! Please re-consider to provide a shortcut to easily re-prioritze within My Tasks.

Right now, it’s super laborious.
Here is what I know right now:

  • In the My Task view, I can use Ctrl + Shift + Arrow_down to move the task to another section. But in order to do that, I first have to set focus to the task name, in the My Tasks list. I cannot chance the section, if focus is on the task details.
    So I’m typing in the details, then I have to reach back to the mouse, click on the name and then use the shortcut like 2-3 times to put the task to later. Quite cumbersome, when it used to be just Tab + L.
  • In the task details, next to assignee, I can define the section of My Tasks, where that task is located. That’s a nice improvement, to have that information there.
    But I can’t reach it via shortcuts. Again, I have to use the mouse, and point and click twice.
    (Have I mentioned that I hate using the mouse?!)

I really love your product! I use it every day for 7 years now and you guys keep improving it and keep introducing new great features!
It’s the first time I “complain” about a change… You’re all about productivity, right? So please don’t discontinue shortcuts without providing an alternative.

You’re amazing! Keep it up!


Lot of inconvenience in not having this nifty feature. I’m eagerly waiting to hear back on updates from the Product team on plan to bring this feature back.

Removing the Tab-U & Tab-L shortcuts has actually made the entire app unusable

…Whoever decided this clearly didn’t speak to users before pushing the “Upgrade”

Can we please have them back or i think most of us will be heading over to


I’d just like to add my two cents, keyboard shortcuts were a very necessary feature. Removing them has made Asana much slower and hampered my productivity.

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Removing the hotkey option for moving tasks between sections is really frustrating for me. I’ve used asana for 10 years and am now considering switching products. ugh


Hi! I don´t like the new “my task-functionality” mainly because I cant use short commando to move a task from a section to another. (TAB+Y, TAB+U, TAB+L). I miss it so much! Will the short commando functionality come back?


Hi @Vanja_Engvall,

Yes, Asana has said they are working on having keyboard shortcuts be available in My Tasks again.


Asana feels really clunky without these shortcuts. Hope they bring them back soon


Another day and another asana change that makes the product worse

Deprecating the keyboard short cuts and even the mouse click options to mark for upcoming or later!

WTH?! Makes me wonder if the product team have any understanding of the different ways people use asana

This is one way to push people to ClickUp, keep removing functionality that makes it fast and easy to use.

Similar to last years removal of swipe on tasks to access the sub menu in the app.

Just bonkers.

I’ve fedback to the support team, so frustrating that stuff gets worse not better!


These keyboard shortcuts cannot come back fast enough. I can’t overstate how frustrating this is for our team. I spent so much goodwill trying to convince the team to rely on Asana for our workflows over the past few years. Having a core functionality broken like this is really eroding the progress we’ve made as an organization getting buy in from our less technologically adaptive team members. Even for the most technically proficient, this loss is still super annoying.


Hi everyone - I’m glad to share that we’ve just released Keyboard shortcuts for My Tasks sections! :tada: You can now use two different keyboard shortcuts to quickly move tasks that are assigned to you between the sections in your My Tasks.

  1. Use Tab-Y when the task pane is open and the task is assigned to you to open the section mover menu for your My Tasks.
  2. Use Tab-U when you have one or more tasks selected to open the section mover menu for these tasks (this works in both projects and in My Tasks!)

Once the menu is open, you can navigate it with the arrow keys and hit enter to select the section. We are going to keep iterating on this feature to make it even better!

Thank you all forsharing this feedback with us!


I understand and appreciate the quick implementation of a workaround that has been added with tab+U and tab Y. Thanks a lot for the help! However, even with the current workaround, this still isn’t as useful as the old functionality, especially for users that put more than a couple sections in their my tasks, as it takes many arrow clicks to move the tasks into the correct section. Could we get the option to customize keyboard shortcuts to section, or even just return one tab+L keyboard shortcut to move tasks straight to later with one button press?


@Kyle_Hansen, I added my vote. As a workaround, consider the following if you haven’t already ruled it out:


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The new keyboard shortcut solution for the My Task section, as described by this post is terrible. The old way which allowed us to quickly assign tasks to Today, Upcoming, Later were much better. This completely defeats the purpose of it being a shortcut, if I’m needing to sort through the various options. What’s more is that the old shortcuts appear to be completely unused. It makes no sense, and it’s yet another reason why I won’t be using Asana outside of my day job and will not be recommending Asana. The limited features are already annoying, but removing the keyboard shortcuts that I do actually use often is just ridiculous, and there is nothing I can pay to get them back.

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I’m really frustrated by this as well.


Thanks for sharing your feedback with us @Fawn_Lies and @Kyle_Hansen. We are working on more improvements for keyboard shortcuts in My Tasks and I will make sure to post any updates in the main thread.

If you are interested in having an option to customize your keyboard shortcuts, I recommend you to add your votes here: Support for Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts