Python library: access HTML status and text

I am using the Python library to pull data from our Asana projects but the HTML fields associated with projects and tasks is either not accessible or empty. For instance, I have a status update that includes a URL and while I can obtain the ‘text’ field and the ‘text’ field contains the raw URL, it does not contain a formatted HTML link. The ‘html_text’ within the ‘current_status’ body is empty even though it should contain a formatted string. This means I must reformat such URLs to create new links if I want to maintain the URL in the update (and there are additional problems with this technique). Is there some reason this field is either empty or not being utilized? Below ‘p’ represents an Asana Project and I am able to obtain the project name, gid, etc. via this variable. But when I try to obtain either ‘html_text’ or ‘html_notes’ it fails. The documentation shows that ‘html_text’ is a proper field within ‘current_status’.

File "", line 103, in generateReport
    htmltext = p['current_status']['html_text']
KeyError: 'html_text'

Thanks for the help.