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So here is the question. If I create a “Project Template” and outline/determine all the tasks that must be completed for the project to be done can I do the follow?

  • Pre-assign certain team members to certain tasks. Currently for this project template it would go from internal design > developement > marketing.
  • Pre-assign time on task. ie: Project is created. We have determined this project type takes 8 weeks to complete. 2 weeks for design, 2 weeks for developement, 2 weeks for marketing, and 2 weeks for sales. I would love to be able to create the project and the due-dates for everyone is based off the creation date for the project as a whole (or the project due date as a whole)

Hopefully that makes sense. The above would be so helpful! I could basically say here is the project creation date and then the team’s tasks are auto-assigned based off of that from pre-determined values +2weeks +4weeks +6weeks. etc.

Is this possible with Asana?

Hi @timothyrcross. Thanks for the questions.

Yes, you can definitely do this with templates. One item to note is that any pre-assigned tasks will show up under the assignee’s “My Tasks”. This is a common concern and thread on the topic, where you can vote to have it changed. Project Template assigned tasks show up in My Tasks automatically A workaround is to list the tasks as completed in the template, then reopen when using the template.

Yes, this can be done as well. Details here: Auto-shifting dependency dates is now available on all projects! Hope this helps.

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