Project template assigning duplicate tasks, one with the new project due date and the other with the original project due date

Hi community! The answer to this may be out there, but I couldn’t find find it so I’m coming to you!

One of our teams used Asana last October to trial completing quarter end activities. That format worked well for them (yay!), so they converted the project into a template. They uncompleted all the tasks, left the assignees and the original due dates. The issue is that when they created a new project from that template, the users were not only assigned tasks for the new project (with appropriate dates and assignments), but also assigned tasks for the original dates in the template.

Our understanding was that when the project is converted into a template, the tasks need to be uncompleted so that they are generated that way in the new project. That seemed to have worked, until a new project was created from the template, and the tasks/dates from the original project were then re-assigned to people. Is there a way to keep this from happening so that low use Asana users aren’t confused why they might have months old tasks being reassigned to them?

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