project board fields not inherited in nested subtasks

Custom fields become inactive or disappear for nested subtasks on a board

example 1:

A task (217-MDD-3030A) is cohomed on the boards bpm overview and bpm preapproval.

These boards share a custom field BPM Status

It has a subtask Pre DBL Programming 7, that subtask has a subtask called ADAM Run

ADAM Run inherits the custom field

ADAM Run has a number of subtasks, Looking at that first one Dry Run 7 Select ADaM/TFL redelivered


In this subtask the custom field BPM status is a static value


If I go into the subtask test the all the custom fields are not inherited


moved this to the bug section so the admins can investigate in case it is a bug or it may be expected behaviour with that many levels of subtasks.

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Hi @Yoni_Sidi, sorry to hear about this trouble. This does sound strange, but since this involves multi-homing and project association, I’d recommend reaching out to our Support team as they will have more tools to investigate this for you.

Please kindly provide them with full screenshots, as well as some of the tasks/subtasks ID’s so they can look into the set up in their system. I’ll close this thread here in the Forum, but if you need anything, let me know!

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