Private and Hidden Tasks/Sections in Public Projects

This would be a very useful feature!

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us! We already have a thread in the #productfeedback category for this request so I’ve gone ahead and merged this post with Private and Hidden Tasks/Sections in Public Projects to consolidate feedback.

I would like to mention once again that private tasks and sections within a public project would be amazing for us! The workaround does not work for us.


How is this not a thing yet?? So basic and necessary, it has kept us from making Asana customer facing.


Please get this feature in! We are trying to use Asana for Support Requests. We want a public project for all our users but have the ability to create private tasks so folks only have access to their tasks.

What we really need is a way to have two separate permission groups for a “team”
The first group is the overall owners of the team. They have read/write to all tasks and boards.
The second group would be a general group that can create private tasks within the boards. They can only see tasks they create or collaborate with.

This would be awesome for support requests.


As you can see we need that upgrade ASAP. Why are we still waiting a simple update like this? It has been 4 years that people ask you to do it. #product-feedback api


This would be extremely helpful and eliminate the workaround of creating multiple projects for 1 larger project . Hope to see this implemented soon! Product Feedback

Is there a workaround if we need to create private tasks or sections within a public project? Basically, the entire production team should have access to the project accept client info and project contract. Only management should have access to that and we want to keep the projects self-contained as much as possible. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated :pray:

great workaround

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Has there been a solution to this yet and, if not, is it in the works?


Just echoing here that this feature is needed. For us, we have funded projects where we need to coordinate across the whole team on the proposal, but the budget (eg salary) info is sensitive. I’d like to see subtasks that are private for this reason.


We could also really use this feature at our company!

It would be SO HELPFUL to be able to add private or hidden agenda items into our meeting agendas when sensitive topics need to be discussed. I would love to be able to toggle visibility on and off.

We are having a hard time managing private vs. external tasks when managing customer accounts. Is there any update on making a section or task private within a project?