PHP CURL working example needed

Can someone please provide sample working example for task creation on ASANA which is written in PHP CURL? Thanks!

Calling @Bastien_Siebman - you work in PHP, si?

@Nishant did you see GitHub - Asana/php-asana: Official PHP client library for the Asana API v1 ?

Actually Asana support sent below and asking for responding in CURL. I am using PHP code as per documentation given in API but not sure what to send them as they sent below. Am also not sure what to set as "Bearer ".


-H “Authorization: Bearer XXXXXXXX” \

–data-urlencode “assignee=XXXXXXX” \

–data-urlencode “projects=XXXXXXX” \

–data-urlencode “notes=Test” \

–data-urlencode “name=Test via the API” \

–data-urlencode “workspace=XXXXXXX” \