Pagination in Java client

I have been trying to get pagination working in the java client, and I continuously get the same offset id. 

The first time offset is null and it returns a data as well have an offset id for result.nextPage.offset. I then use that offset and resubmit again to get the next page. But, it endlessly returns that same response with the same offset id. Am I doing something wrong?

Here is my code:

            Client client = Client.oauth(app.getOAuthApp());
	String offset = null;
	Map<String, Object> queries = new HashMap<>();
	queries.put("name", taskName);
	queries.put("completed", false);
	queries.put("project", projectId);
	while (true) {
		ResultBodyCollection<Task> result = client.tasks.findAll()
				.option("offset", offset)
				.option("limit", 10)
				.option("page_size", 10)

		if (result.nextPage != null) {
			offset = result.nextPage.offset;
		} else {


That looks correct… I guess you read everything on ?

@Joe_Trollo @Jeff_Schneider @Matt_Bramlage any idea?