OKR Methodology – PART 5 – Assignment, Performance Evaluation

(for context/preamble see Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4)



QUESTION#22 : In your experience what are the pro’s and con’s of assigning only 1 person or multiple people/team to a KR’ or O?

Connecting OKRs with Monetary Gain

It’s suggested over and over throughout the internet that OKRs should NOT be coupled with employment evaluations and particularly not result in any monetary gain or loss. Yet some of the same people will say that at lower levels of an organization an individual could have 100% of their work day consist of OKR related activities.

QUESTION#23 : How can some be spending nearly 100% of their time on OKR work yet NOT have OKR metrics count towards employment eval’s and compensation?

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Was there ever a discussion about the questions raised here? Unfortunately I only see five pages of (imho highly relevant) questions raised without any discussion.
If not and the questions remain I’d be happy to start the discussion with you @Sam_Leahey

Everyone else couldn’t handle the awesomeness @Fred_Gold so there was never any discussion! Me and @Todd_Cavanaugh are very disappointed in the community’s behavior! :wink:

@Fred_Gold have you read John Doerr’s OKR book?

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Well to be fair 27 questions which demand a little more than yes or no might feel a bit overwhelming and as you can see I took christmas to think about it :wink:
Jep I read the book (at the very beginning), did an online course and started using OKRs in our company late 2018.

I’ll jump right into your first questions in the according sections. Question by question maybe we can inspire others to jump in on the discussion :slight_smile:

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Awesome @Fred_Gold!!!

Hey guys. I’m new to OKR. I’m an EOS implementer (which I implement using Asana) and in EOS we use Rocks (Quarterly Objectives) and Yearly goals. I feel that EOS needs more structure and clarity than Rocks can provide and looks like the OKR system is a good candidate. I have just enrolled on a OKR course, so I’ll be reading your posts and commenting and asking questions, if you don’t mind. :wink:


I am also keen to learn whether you guys use Asana to manage OKRs. I know there are a number of programs online to help you manager your OKRs but I’d rather stick with Asana.
My apologies if some of the answers are already in your posts @Sam_Leahey. I have glanced over your questions and will go more in depth when I finish the course.