Not fetching all the tasks and it's details of project

When trying to fetching the tasks and it’s details by it’s id it’s not fetching all the tasks and it’s details of the project.
The result which is shows is asana task list and my own result is different.
The details of task is mismatched.

Can you explain on which fields there are differences?

Hi @Jignesh_Foon,

Can you please post one or two specific examples of the discrepancies you’re referring to? We won’t be able to provide you with any further guidance without more specifics. Thanks.

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@Jignesh_Foon Thanks for posting your code. However, two things:

First, please remove the Authorization token from your post - you should never post an auth token publicly - with that token, anyone in the world can access your Asana data.

Second, what I was asking for is for a few specific examples of what data you’re seeing returned from Asana that is different between different calls to the API. The Asana API is well-established and basic API calls will not return different results from querying the same data. So there is something odd going on in your situation and being able to see what specific data elements you’re seeing different between calls might help us figure out what’s going on. Please post a few examples of the data you’re getting back that’s changing so that you can point to it and say, see, I got this value back on one call, and then I got this different value back on the next call.

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Hi @Jignesh_Foon, I’ve edited your post to remove the access token you included. You should immediately revoke that access token to protect your Asana data, and be sure not to include any credentials in any future posts.

Sorry but i can’t delete