Not able to Create a Project Using API

This is the sample data I’m using.
{"data": {"color": "light-orange", "default_view": "board", "due_on": "2020-10-23", "followers": [], "public": true, "name": " Demo", "html_notes": "<p>Current Site: <a href=\\"\\"></a></p>", "owner": "mygid", "team": "team gid"}}
But I’m always getting the error Invalid Request: Missing required team field
Any idea what I’m doing wrong.

Maybe try set empty string to “followers”. You have array, but in documentation this field have string type. Maybe API not recognized your array and return error in team.

Actually you can just leave followers out completely. If you omit a field in the Asana API, that field just gets left unset in the resulting Asana object.

Also, html_notes should always be wrapped in a set of <body> </body> tags.