New Report 🧪 The state of the IT leader

The state of the IT leader: Driven by efficient growth – a new report from Asana’s Work Innovation Lab.

IT leaders are at a crucial moment in time—they’re managing expectations to improve data and security while balancing the frenzy of AI and automation tools. Through surveying IT professionals and interviewing leaders from top global companies, including Google, Slack, Okta, and Asana, The Work Innovation Lab tapped into what’s impacting IT leaders today. What we found is far beyond a role shift—IT leaders are closing deals, getting involved in the employee experience, and becoming both advocates for and the bearer of burdens that come with AI.

Many leaders have taken a “more is better” approach to new tech. But our research found that tempting as it may be to continue throwing the latest tool into your tech stack, doing so doesn’t solve the core problem—it’s a Band-Aid. The complexity and evolution of IT call for a more refined way of working, using a balance of data-back insights, experimentation, and automations that simplify work.

IT leaders are stepping out from behind the computer screen and directly into roles supporting their colleagues.

Dive into the full report to learn:

  • The daily challenges and stressors IT teams are facing right now, and how top-performing leaders are addressing them
  • The way IT leaders are future-proofing their organizations
  • How these roles have shifted, and what’s to come

…and more.


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