New HTML tags in task comments


  • some HTML tags and characters sequences have new semantic meanings in task
  • some domains have already begun rollout
  • General Availability in the API: 2022-02-28
    • until then, avoid creating new task comments with the new syntax unless
      absolutely necessary

Hey folks,

Previously, we made changes to the HTML tags supported in task descriptions.
These changes are now being enabled for task comments too.


Some domains have already begun the UI rollout of rich text, but the API
availability has not launched yet. This has a few implications:

  • until this change becomes Generally Available, API reads for task comments
    may include “downgraded” data that follows our old schema for rich text,
    despite newer supported HTML elements being available
  • all domains may not have this new comment syntax enabled come
    General Availability
  • creating a task comment using the new syntax for a domain that is not yet
    migrated will result in a partially degraded comment that is not editable on
    web and shows the “downgraded” old syntax on API and Mobile

Mitigation and Impact

General Availability is very soon. Our suggestion at this time is to avoid
creating comments via the API that use the new syntax, as there is a chance they
may result in the degraded experience described above. We recognize this is not
ideal and are working towards smoother migrations in the future.


  • General Availability: 2022-02-28

Yours in Developer Relations,
Sasha, on behalf of the Asana API Team