My Tasks - sorting

When I sort My Tasks by Due Date, the list of tasks are in chronological order top to bottom. Which is really helpful. Yet when I sort My Tasks by Project, they are backwards with upcoming tasks at the very bottom of the list.

Is there a way to sort by Project and have the tasks in chronological order from top to bottom?

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See attachments showing what I’m referring to

Hey @Rachel_Roush it seems in the second screenshot you have it sorted within sections see here ?

It looks like that is not enable in the first screenshot?

Also here is a feedback request that might be interesting for you.

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Thanks Andrea. That’s what I was looking for. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like it’s possible to sort chronologically by Project (only by Due Date). That’s a bummer.

Yeah unfortunately 2 sorting filters won’t work. Don’t forget upvoting on the other thread though.

Hello again-
My team noticed that if we search for a person/user in the search bar, click View all tasks, Sort by Project… the tasks in each project ARE listed consecutively top to bottom. So it does seem possible to have tasks sorted consecutively top to bottom in that view. Is there really no way to have this consecutive top to bottom view of Project tasks in My Tasks? Seems odd.

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